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How to Stop Nail Biting with 10 Tricks

Now, biting your nails is a problem for a lot of us. We all want to stop nail biting. It’s something that, if you get to the source of the problem, its typically a nervous habit, which also means that its a mindless habit. It’s a habit that we tend to not pay attention to, and can do without thinking. The most ironic thing is, that its something you won’t notice until the damage is done, and then you have to repair that damage.

For now, I will give you a list of 10 awesome ways to help you temporarily stop biting your nails. Then, I will go into my story and how I permanently learned to stop biting my nails, because that’s what really matters, right?


10 Ways I Learned How to Quit Nail Biting Temporarily

10 Ways I Learned to Stop Biting My Fingernails (Temporarily)

  1. Will Power- This is the most important thing if you want to get to the other ways. If you don’t have the strong will power to stop damaging your nails and hurting your health, none of these tips will count.
  2. Chew Something. When you feel the urge (this is where will power comes in), grab like a piece of gum (or in a child’s case, some celery!) and chew that baby! (That’s also how I got my daughter to stop sucking her thumb! =D)
  3. Soak them in lemon juice. Get a bowl, dip your fingernail tips in there, and let ‘em air dry! The sour taste will remind you to stop biting!.. Read more…

Is My Obsessive Nail Biting Habit a Health Risk?

And the answer is yes.

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Long Term Ways to Stop Nail Biting (psst..and its NOT nail biting hypnosis!)

There are some common misconceptions about fingernail biting and trying to quit nail biting that plague many of us– and that’s that once you do the {temporary} methods above, you will be cured of the obsessive habit. But that’s not the case.

Me, I’m a mother of three, a happy wife, an auto salesperson, and an ex-ocd nail biter. My problem was this: I tried covering my nails, and doing all of those other things, but they only worked for a short time.

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Summary: Um! Need Help Stop Nail Biting Advice | from a Pro Mom?

Whether it’s your kids, or your husband, (or you! haha), stopping nail biting is something we all need to do. We gotta QUIT, and then if we’re smoking, tackle that problem next (I would know, 😉 ). Basically, we can take some great, short-term motions to stop our finger nail biting issue, as listed above.

So, you ask, what do I gotta do to get my nails to look like this? Well.. read on

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