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How to Stop Nail Biting with 10 Tricks

July 1, 2010

Now, biting your nails is a problem for a lot of us. We all want to stop nail biting. It’s something that, if you get to the source of the problem, its typically a nervous habit, which also means that its a mindless habit. It’s a habit that we tend to not pay attention to, and can do without thinking. The most ironic thing is, that its something you won’t notice until the damage is done, and then you have to repair that damage.

For now, I will give you a list of 10 awesome ways to help you temporarily stop biting your nails. Then, I will go into my story and how I permanently learned to stop biting my nails, because that’s what really matters, right?


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One Comment
  1. Mike Mclerry permalink

    Thanks a TON! I am a heavy nail biter and these are some really clever and cute tips to help me quit nail biting! You are AWESOME!!! FHFWHFWHFRWHEFRHWE WOO HOO!

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