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Is My Obsessive Nail Biting Habit a Health Risk?

July 1, 2010

And the answer is yes.

The simple bottom line is this–Obsessive nail biting means health problems. We use our hands to do everything (and our fingers are pretty important in that process, lol!). We can wash ’em as much as we want, but they are still extremely dirty. Ever seen those Mr. Clean (and ilk) commercials where they show like the little animated germs ALL over the kitchen table? Well that’s what our hands look like, close up. And what’s worse, all that is DOUBLED underneath our fingernails.

Have you ever gotten that weird sick feeling in you stomach after biting your nails for too long? Its G.R.O.S.S!

I mean, it causes split and fractured fingernails (which, not to mention SUCKS for employability), bleeding, infections, and sensitive fingertips which = pain!! In addition, think of all the bacteria and infections and diseases that can get? For instance, take enterobius. It’s an infection caused from swallowing pinworm eggs, either from contaminated HANDS, food, or water! And then consider this! The pinworms get into your system, and then to your anal area, which begins to itch. Not to sound nasty, but some of us, when we get a butt-itch, we ITCH it. Then, we may wash our hands. But take note, under fingernails is a hard place to wash! When, later on, we bite those same nails, butt-worms and infectious enterobius will be going right back into our mouths! Disgusting!!

Another common one are the whitlows, yeah, you know what I’m talking about, those small places at the side or base of your nail where the nail meets your skin because you’ve been biting it, and it kind of sticks together in that annoying little corner. Yeah, that’s a BACTERIAL INFECTION! Mind blown yet? It can’t kill you, but have you ever (like me) tried biting those things off? Bet you never knew you were putting an infection into your mouth!!

So basically, the answer is YES. It is a health risk, and it can lead to a lot of potentially dangerous things. Take it from someone who has seen the stuff and has gotten past it, it is SO much better on the other side. =)
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