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Long Term Ways to Stop Nail Biting (psst..and its NOT nail biting hypnosis!)

July 1, 2010

There are some common misconceptions about fingernail biting and trying to quit nail biting that plague many of us– and that’s that once you do the {temporary} methods above, you will be cured of the obsessive habit. But that’s not the case.

Me, I’m a mother of three, a happy wife, an auto salesperson, and an ex-ocd nail biter. My problem was this: I tried covering my nails, and doing all of those other things, but they only worked for a short time.

The simple thing is this: We only have so much will power. Eventually, after you have gone a couple months without nail biting, the urge will come back. Whether it’s triggered by stress, family issues, or other things, we will subdue to the urge of biting our nails again! Before you even notice it, a couple mindless moments have destroyed what took weeks (or months) to accomplish. And then, when the guilt kicks in, the habit revvs up! The only way, and I mean the only way, is to have what I call a “quit nail biting” plan.

You need a plan that will put you STEP BY STEP into the clear. You can put a plan together, follow it religiously, and actually see long term effects. But if you are as obsessive as I am, a plan made by yourself just won’t work in the long term. I needed a guideline written by PROFESSIONALS, who spend all their time studying and breaking these sort of habits. It really was worth it, and best of all, I was able to take thirty days or so and end a habit that had deteriorated my living for YEARS.

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