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Summary: Um! Need Help Stop Nail Biting Advice | from a Pro Mom?

July 1, 2010

Whether it’s your kids, or your husband, (or you! haha), stopping nail biting is something we all need to do. We gotta QUIT, and then if we’re smoking, tackle that problem next (I would know, 😉 ). Basically, we can take some great, short-term motions to stop our finger nail biting issue, as listed above.

So, you ask, what do I gotta do to get my nails to look like this? Well.. read on

Well, what I personally did first was taking initiative. To start any type of reform I had to gather up my will power, because will power IS expendable, and then I had to put it to my GOAL, not just my issue. I had to focus on what I wanted my nails to look like, and that was a beautiful picture. When I did that, my mind was clear and ready, and I could put all those short term things into motion.

THEN, when the habit returned, I realized I had to find a long term solution to end it for GOOD. First, I tried to put my own month long step by step plan to stop the habit together. That didn’t work so well. Maybe it’s because I didn’t exactly KNOW what I needed to work on, or because I was lazy and just didn’t have the time to focus and put a comprehensive, thorough plan together. Either way, I found GOLDEN information online that made me a pro at this stuff overnight, a plan written by others that I could use as a guideline, and I put it to motion RELIGIOUSLY. 30 days later, a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, simple thirty days later, I had mastered the art (and yes it is an art!) called stop nail biting, lol. I highly suggest, if you can’t save some money and make a plan on your own, that you use the method I used as a solution.

P.S. Also, if you really want to make sure that your ocd nail biting habit gets a bullet to the heart, I recommend taking this magic bullet that I found online, a 9 minute trick, that helped me to destroy nail biting when the urge tried to return after another year (I went a year fingernail biting free after using my plan. That is what I called STRIDES =D, and no I’m not bragginggg!)

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