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10 Ways I Learned How to Quit Nail Biting Temporarily

July 1, 2010

10 Ways I Learned to Stop Biting My Fingernails (Temporarily)

  1. Will Power- This is the most important thing if you want to get to the other ways. If you don’t have the strong will power to stop damaging your nails and hurting your health, none of these tips will count.
  2. Chew Something. When you feel the urge (this is where will power comes in), grab like a piece of gum (or in a child’s case, some celery!) and chew that baby! (That’s also how I got my daughter to stop sucking her thumb! =D)
  3. Soak them in lemon juice. Get a bowl, dip your fingernail tips in there, and let ‘em air dry! The sour taste will remind you to stop biting!..
  4. Cover them in tape or nail polish. This is great because it not only reminds you, but it protects your nails from the world and from the sun, allowing them to grow and repair!
  5. Get a Professional Manicure. Nobody wants to bite through expensive nails! Get a manicure, and it will make you more conscious of what you’re doing. Will power people, will power!
  6. Wear Gloves. If your habit is as obsessive as mine, and its cool outside, slap on some nice gloves!
  7. Focus also on your nails, not only on stopping biting your nails. The issue with many people is that they ONLY focus on stopping biting their nails. If you want to stop, you also need to set a goal and focus on the outcome. Focus on how good you want your nails to look. Apply cuticle oil and shine and basically be proud of improving those nails!
  8. Ask for help. It can be a really embarrassing topic, asking for help to stop nail biting. Trust me, I know. Luckily I have my husband to tell embarrassing things, and my sisters (love em to death). I get them to remind me and watch over me and give me motivation (not to mention the motivation of seeing my sister’s perfectly manicured fingernails!). You don’t have to go this alone!
  9. Carry a nail clipper around your neck. I know, I know, it sounds wierd, but it works! Hanging it around your neck either hidden or in plain view can help you remember! Whenever that thing dangles, you know what it’s there for! Also, if you have extra nail growth (which wasn’t my case at ALL), you can use it to cut off the excess.
  10. Take up a hands-on hobby. Get into knitting or something! When you feel the urge to bite, pick up your hobby and get to hobby-ing! Haha =)

Head on back to the Main Page. There’s soo much more you need to know!


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